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Kicking off 2020

For 2020 I decided to build a new website. I used hugo before, but it was getting to bulky to maintain it. hugo has become a massive software suite and I just can’t keep up with it. So as of today, this website runs on a simple custom Go web server behind Caddy.

By building the web server myself I know exactly how everything works and if something is not how I want it I can easily change it. When it breaks I also know that I alone am to blame for that. I’m sure someday I might write a blog about it, when I feel that it is ready for publication. But before that there are some things that I need to finish first: RSS feed, sitemap, robots.txt, …

I have also only restored 1 of my previous blog posts, because I want to start with a clean slate here. Before my blog posts where just random collection of what I felt needed to be preserved for me personally. Now I want to use these to improve my writing skills and actually get some useful information out there.

All that is left is for me to wish everybody the best for 2020 and happy programming!

This article was posted on 2020 M1 17. Some things may have changed since then, please mail or tweet at me if you have a correction or question.

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